We all know that walking is good for you but have you considered Nordic Walking? Originally created as a means for skiers to continue with their exercise and training all year round, this is a fitness trend that has been growing in the UK recently.

You may have seen people out walking with poles – chances are they are Nordic Walking (NW). You can also walk or ramble with a pole or two but I am specifically talking about Nordic Walking.

So what exactly is Nordic Walking? In the words of the experts, Nordic Walking UK, it is a specific fitness technique using poles in order to add two major benefits to walking

  • The use of poles means the upper body muscles are used as well as the legs
  • The poles help to propel the walker along – this means he/she works harder than usual yet the support given by the poles makes it feel easier!

The pluses are that Nordic Walking can be done by anybody, anywhere and does not require expensive equipment or clothing.

You do need suitable footwear (I wear either Salomon or North Face but good trainers suffice) and clothing. I recommend leggings or capris as if wearing flared pants when it is wet, the wetness soon seeps up! Layers are good as you soon warm up and ladies a supportive bra is needed (as always). Poles can be hired from instructors so you don’t need to spend too much money until you’re sure Nordic Walking is for you. However should you wish to buy your own set of poles, NWUK has some advice for you (http://www.nordicwalking.co.uk/blog/2013/11/choosing-nordic-walking-poles-a-useful-guide/)

Interested? Again, NWUK may be able to assist as they hold a register of instructors but for those of you in Maidenhead, Jo Whitfield and I are starting group sessions in January 2014 so please get in contact with either of us for further details. We are both qualified Personal Trainers and Pilates instructors as well as Nordic Walking instructors and look forward to encouraging you to start Nordic Walking.

Jo: joannewhitfield11@yahoo.com       Hazel: hazel@latimerpt.co.uk