Yes, you can lose weight by going on a low calorie diet alone.
Yes, you can lose weight by exercising alone.

However, research shows that by changing your habits and incorporating healthy eating with an active lifestyle, you will lose body fat and gain self-confidence along with increased fitness levels. So add these two components to a tailored programme with ongoing support and you will be amazed at how soon you see and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Is there a quick fix? The short answer is no but in designing a programme that will work for you, along with diet and nutritional advice, you will soon see the benefits of adopting a healthier way of life.

Personal Training sessions usually take place in the comfort of your home but I love using the great playgrounds found outdoors and once you have the confidence, I will encourage you to exercise outdoors. In Maidenhead and the surrounding areas, we are fortunate to have so much green space and also the river to invigorate our workouts.


Personal training
I can offer personal training sessions for individuals or groups.
Personal One to One Training
1 session £35
3 sessions £100
10 sessions £300Personal Training – 2 people
1 session £50
3 sessions £125
10 sessions £385

Small Group- 3 to 6 people
£60 per session

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One to one sessions:
1 session £40
3 sessions £110
10 sessions £340

Small Group sessions- 2 to 6 people
£60 per session*

*NB: if a hired facility is used, some or all of this cost will be charged

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